LMF Anointed Attraction Oil



I made this oil about 8 months ago. All I know is that I was given an assignment, so I peeled the oranges dried out the orange peels and added some of my favorite herbs like cinnamon, bay leaf, calendula, sweet basil, star anise, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and Rose, to Pure Organic Olive Oil! Olive is oil is from the heavens I’m sure! I wasn’t planning to share this oil better yet putting it in roller bottles! My intentions I set for this oil was that it bring in balance and happiness and Peace in each moment. I call it an attraction oil because it has given me a clear mind to manifest and I GET WHAT I WANT. Period! It is not a get money quick oil it’s an oil to attract all that is aligned with you and your intention. The smell is deep seductive and smells like money. It brings peace of mind and flow! I’m happy to introduce to you The First Light My Fiya Attraction Oil in 10 ml cobalt Blue Roller Bottles. Blue reminds me of the Flow of Expression and Communication. Allow this oil to Help you to express your desires and Attract your Manifest !

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