Erica Lauren is the owner and creator of M’Press Tarot & Ting. She is an Earth Healing Hope Dealing conduit of elemental synchronicity. Her divine purpose is to heal, teach, raise, and lead. In fulfillment of that purpose, Erica Lauren facilitates equally beneficial and good-faith relationships between all of Bibi Ke's (Mama Tierra's) children by tending the relationship between our Earthly and Higher Selves and balancing the mind, body, soul connection.

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Karaya Ka Ne Connectivity Guide

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Based on divinatory meditation and connection to the elements, these boxes are designed to ground us for growth and wellness mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically. Each month subscribers will receive a combination of any of the following: original artwork, affirmations and mantras, face masks, fixed candles. ritual guides, infused oils, and herbal blends for : teas, smoking, burning, and spiritual cleansing.



M0nthly Focus Anchors

Fortitude Alignment Oil


Heart & Throat Chakra Meditation bundle


Fire Cider

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